Team Captains

Isabel Howell

Co-Captain 2022-2023

Isabel Howell (“Bel”) is a Senior at Wilton High School.  She started as a CBC Dev Team member when she was in 8th grade. During her novice year rowing, she was a rower.  She has since transitioned to coxswain. In 2021 she placed 7th at the Youth Nationals in the U17 8+.


Fun Facts:

  • Bel was a gymnast for 7 years.
  • Her favorite fruit is pineapple.
  • She loves being a gym rat.
  • Bel is left handed.
  • One of her favorite things about rowing is racing.
  • She also loves rigging and derigging boats.
  • Bel is obsessed with thick smoothies.
  • Her most vivid childhood memory is riding into a mud pit after going too fast down a cul-de-sac.
  • Her favorite color is green.

Bel’s favorite part about CBC:

  • The team’s ability to raise the bar in each race we compete in.


Caroline Krantz

Co-Captain 2022-2023

Caroline Krantz started rowing at CBC in 8th grade.  She is a Junior at Darien High School.  In 2022 Caroline placed third in the Women’s 2- at the 2022 Youth Nationals.  She placed first in the 8+ at the 2022 CanAmMex International Regatta. Caroline also placed second in the 2- at the 2022 CanAmMex International Regatta.


Fun Facts:

  • Caroline has dual citizenship (US / France).
  • She played soccer for 8 years.
  • Her favorite food is mushrooms.
  • Caroline has never broken a bone.
  • She was a self-taught gymnast in middle school.
  • Caroline is 6 foot tall.

Her favorite part about CBC:

  • The amazing team culture!


Melody Royaee

Co-Captain 2022-2023

Melody Royaee started at CBC as a Sophomore.  She is now a Senior at Ridgefield High School.  Melody placed 1st in the 2V4X at the 2022 Northeast Youth Championships.  She also placed 1st in the Junior 8+ at the 2022 Saratoga Invitational Regatta.


Fun Facts:

  • Melody’s go to Dunkin order is a large iced matcha latte with almond milk and light ice.
  • She speaks Farsi and English fluently and hopes to one day be a polyglot.
  • Her favorite TV shows are New Girl and Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Melody is a Gemini.
  • She loves to read Biographies and historical non-fiction.

Melody’s favorite part about CBC:

  • The awesome hotel stays with my teammates!