Team Captains

Molly Lyons

Co-Captain 2021-2022

Molly Lyons is a Senior at Ridgefield High School.  She started rowing at CBC her Freshman year after having been a competitive dancer since she was five.  In 2021, rowing stroke, she placed 7th at the Youth Nationals in a Varsity 4x.  Her favorite race and position is stroke on the 8+.  She loves the Spring Sprint race season.


Fun Facts about Molly:

  • Molly has two Bernese Mountain dogs, a cat and a bearded dragon named “Alan”.
  • In 7th grade, Molly memorized 200 digits of Pi.  Now she can only recite 41.
  • Her favorite book is Freakonomics.
  • She prefers chunky peanut butter over smooth.
  • Molly lived in England for five years and her favorite vacation was a trip to the Maldives.

Molly’s Favorite Thing about CBC:

  • Rio and Coco (Coach Liz’s dogs)



Sophia Greco

Co-Captain 2021-2022

Sophia Greco started rowing at CBC on the dev team in 8th grade.  She is a senior at Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk.  Sophia won the Women’s 2- at Youth Nationals in 2021 and rowed for the 2021 Junior National Team in the 2- at Junior Worlds in Bulgaria with Bridget Galloway (a now CBC alum).  Sophia’s favorite thing about rowing is the racing.

Fun Facts about Sophia:

  • Her favorite meal is breakfast.
  • Sophia played softball for 9 years before rowing (she was a catcher).
  • She loves being part of a team.
  • One of her natural talents is moving slowly.
  • She likes running.
  • She memorized the Gettysburg address in 8th grade and can still recite most of it.
  • She knows where most countries are geographically.
  • She prefers smooth peanut butter over chunky.

Sophia’s Favorite Thing about CBC:

  • … is that we are super-competitive.


Charlotte Walsh

Co-Captain 2021-2022

Charlotte Walsh is a Senior at the Center for Global Studies at Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk.  She started rowing as part of the CBC dev team in 8th grade.  Charlotte’s favorite boat to row is an 8 (she prefers the bow seat).


Fun Facts about Charlotte:

  • She has played the ukulele since she was 8.
  • Her favorite cereal is fruit loops.
  • She has lived in Rowayton her entire life.
  • Charlotte sails competitively in the summer.
  • She prefers smooth peanut butter to chunky.

Charlotte’s Favorite Thing about CBC:

  • The girl power family and community.