What does it take to become part of CBC?

  • CBC is an all girls team…something we celebrate daily.
  • Each athlete needs to be in grades 9-12 (8th graders who are able to perform at a competitive high school level are also considered by the coaches).
  • It is best for athletes to start early in their high school career since developing the fitness and technique is cumulative over years; however we’ve also had successful athletes that have joined as juniors and seniors who have qualified for Nationals and been recruited to Division I schools. Each athlete’s journey is different. Anything is possible if you are interested and passionate about pursuing crew!
  • Each athlete needs to have a great attitude while learning to understand and appreciate the value of hard work. Crew is the consummate team sport where making a boat go fast requires everyone working together and pushing hard so positive thinking and leadership is essential. Training with a goal of being one of the best teams in the country requires creating goals and pushing to reach them. With that, practice is generally 5 to 6 days per week.
  • Tall and athletic is what crew normally calls for, but there are no absolutes. CBC races both lightweights (under 130 pounds) and openweights (no weight limits). Some of our fastest openweight boats have included girls that were light enough to race as lightweights. CBC also searches for potential coxswains who are the members of the crew that steer the boat and are the “onboard coach.” As they are not providing boat power so lighter is better (generally about 110 pounds).
  • Most new CBC’ers have never rowed before. Each athlete spends their first year learning technique, building fitness, and generally racing in Novice (beginner) races. Our Novice boats have done very well in the past and have the reputation of being unbeatable.

How do I join?

If you think you’d look and feel good in a CBC green hat, contact Liz Trond at (203) 843-8177 or for more information.