Beginner and Development Athletes
Open to all brand-new coxswains and rowers, and athletes interested in building their fitness and technical skills on the water

Welcome to CBC and welcome to Fall rowing! Our development/learn to row program is a 3 day a week program. During this time period each athlete will make new friends, improve physical fitness and begin learning/practicing the rowing technique both on and off the water. This is a non-competitive program, however each season there is the possibility of some racing for new/young athletes who are ready. 

August 21-26 (4:15-6:15pm Pre-Season, $150)

September 11-November 3 (4:15-6:15pm Monday, Thursday and Friday) 

*Please contact us if your athlete can only participate 1-2 days a week. While not encouraged we do accept athletes on a modified schedule. 

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Boathouse Address: 23-1 Platt Street Norwalk, CT  

For more information please e-mail or call Head Coach Liz Trond, 203.843.8177 | 


How young is too young to participate in the sport of rowing?  

- It all depends on the athleticism, size and willingness to learn of the participant.  Usually, 12 years old is a good starting point.  But we have had rowers as young as 9 years old row in our summer program.  The best thing to do is to contact CBC with any questions. 

Does the participant need to know how to swim? 

- YES! The participant needs to be a competent swimmer with the ability to tread water for 7 minutes. 

What do rowers need to do in order to be prepared for their rowing practice? 

- Arrive 5 minutes before practice starts. 

- Have a complete lunch and healthy snack and be well hydrated before arriving at CBC. 

- Wear running shoes for every practice for on-land warm up, as running and erging (rowing machine) are part of our daily protocol. 

- Wear tight-fitting athletic clothing (to avoid loose clothing getting caught in equipment). 

- Sun hat, refillable water bottle, sunglasses and sunscreen (are required at every practice.) 

Additional Info: 

You do NOT need to have any rowing experience prior to participating in our Fall rowing.