Connecticut Boat Club (CBC) is a nonprofit, youth all girls team located in Norwalk, Connecticut. The team was founded in 2010 by our Head Coach, Liz Trond. Priding ourselves on our 13 USRowing National Championship wins the team is composed of student athletes from diverse backgrounds and hometowns. 

Inspired by our sport, CBC coxswains and rowers develop a mature skillset of leadership, teamwork, esteem, sportsmanship, healthy competitiveness and what we like to call yang energy!  

With our mission of fostering an environment centered around the student athletes, we hold our girls accountable for having a great attitude and an appetite to learn both from each other and from their coaches. Rowing is a consummate team sport where making a boat go fast requires everyone working together and pushing hard. As a result, positive attitude, grit and commitment are essential. 

Truthfully, about 80% of our athletes develop such a strong passion for rowing that it has become a major factor in choosing a college. Our alumnae have joined some of the best Division I, II and III collegiate programs in the country. 

The past and current student athletes are every coaches pride and joy. They are notorious for sharing references and telling stories of former athletes that have graduated from CBC, making the team always feel a bond with past generations. 

Our crest was designed with the intention of being both inclusive and ever changing. With the Roman Numerals of our founding year, we created a simple yet intentional/sentimental design. Each line on our crest represents the number of national championships that we have won at CBC. This means that every athlete at CBC has the opportunity to add another line to our crest.