High Performance Athletes
Open to Experienced Rowers and Coxswains (Athletes who have already been on a racing team: Novice, Varsity or U23)

Welcome back Champions! Ready for a great winter season?! As high performance athletes, the winter season will focus on improving your individual physical fitness and strength via a combination of erging, biking, running, strength training, yoga and stretching.

Register Now for Winter Rowing!

Boathouse Address: 23 Platt Street Norwalk, CT 

Gold Coast Gym Address: 35 Lois Street Norwalk, CT

December 4 - March 9 (4-6pm)

For more information please e-mail or call Head Coach Liz Trond, 203.843. 8177 | LizabethTrond@gmail.com

* You do NOT need to be a member of Connecticut Boat Club in order to sign up for any of our winter team programs.


What do rowers need to do in order to be prepared for their rowing practice?

– Arrive 5 minutes before practice starts.

– Have a complete lunch or healthy snack and be well hydrated before arriving at CBC.

– Wear running shoes for every practice.

– Wear tight-fitting athletic clothing (to avoid loose clothing getting caught in equipment).