Athlete Quotes
‘Rowing is individualized in that you have your erg score, you have your runs but at the end of the day you are rowing for the girl in front of you and the girl behind you. Therefore, when you are rowing you are rowing for each other and that’s the important thing. The girls here at CBC are my best friends, I can literally tell them anything, this community is by far one of my favorite things. The team size is what allows for this closeness and has kept me motivated and feeling like an important part of this team.’ 

-Maddy Dodge. Class of 2024

‘I love the girls on the team, they are my favorite part of coming to practice! Whenever I have a bad day, I come to practice and it always becomes the highlight of my day. Especially with everyone being so cheerful and supportive. I love how we can all compete with each other but not get cutthroat. We are all friends while using each other to get faster. I love this sport because it is truly a team sport and you need everyone in order to be successful. Everyone has to share the same goal and want to win as much as the next person.’

-Annika Nelson. Class of 2024

‘I love CBC because I love the family aspect. Before I joined rowing I played soccer and that was a completely different environment for me. I tried rowing at a different club to start and I didn’t feel the family atmosphere but as soon as I got to CBC everyone was so welcoming and lovable! CBC is like nothing I have ever experienced. I have been able to find really good friends and people I think of as my family which totally changed what team sports meant to me. It doesn’t matter what happens this team is full of my sisters.’

-Lila Seidenberg. Class of 2024

‘I really like the family that CBC has given me. All of us are super close friends and I really like that because it makes me feel safe and comfortable but it also makes me love the sport. CBC was the first rowing club I visited and I knew that I didn’t need to look else ware, this was my family.’

- Jill Chlebowski. Class of 2024

‘I really love CBC because it is a whole new world of friendship, bond and hard work. Additionally, CBC helps me work on myself as well. I think that even though it is not always perfect being part of a team is bigger than yourself. It is something that you have to actually work hard at and I love the challenge.’ 

- Kate MacDonald. Class of 2025

‘I love CBC because of the amazing team chemistry that we have. No matter who comes in new to the club you instantly become a member. Everyone welcomes you and you start to form a family with one another no matter how new to sport or different town you are from, everyone wants to have you join the team!’

-Charlotte Mickelborough. Class of 2025