CBC is the only all-girls club team in the Northeast. We pride ourselves on hosting a safe, inviting and lively ecosystem. Our team was intentionally named to represent the melting pot of hometowns of our student athletes. It is imperative to our team culture to be inclusive to all girls who want to row. We invite you to get to know us!

2023 Summer Rowing Camps are Open!
It's almost Summer and CBC rowers are excited for CBC Summer Rowing Camps! This is a great time for new and experienced rowers to join the team. Summer Camps start on Monday June 12, 2023. Join one or more two week Camps (or join us for 8 weeks of rowing!). CBC is the only competitive all girls rowing program in the Northeast! Register here, or read more about registering for Summer rowing at CBC.

Taking New Members Now!


CBC Summer Camps start soon!  Summer is a great time to join the team.  You'll learn to row and get in great shape.

You'll also get to know the CBC family.

Joining is easy.  Just contact Head Coach Liz Trond at (203)843-8177 or by email at ctboatclub.events@gmail.com.

We can't wait to meet you!

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